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How to Keep Divorce and Lawyer Fees Down

Going through a divorce is a painful and stressful process, not just emotionally, but also financially. It could cost you more to get divorced than it did to get married in the first place, which is why a lot of people end up with copious amounts of debt in fees owed to their divorce lawyers after it has been finalised. Here is how you can save on legal fees by following four simple steps.

Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

We have all heard stories about the divorce process through friends or family that have been through it. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know all the dos and don’ts of a divorce case, as every divorce is different. If you are seeking a divorce, you may be tempted to file for divorce on your own.

Understanding the Divorce Act in South Africa

Clients that choose Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys in divorce proceedings stand to benefit from over ten years’ experience dealing with divorce in South Africa, as well as an intimate knowledge of the Divorce Act. The current act that was enacted in 1979 made considerable changes to the one preceding it, which only allowed for four grounds of divorce and left the female partner at a distinct disadvantage.

Get Divorce Advice Before Filling Out Divorce Papers

It is a sad fact that divorce has become so common place these days that you can buy divorce papers from the CNA or even download the documents over the internet. But just because divorce is commonplace it doesn’t mean that this is the route that you should necessarily take when you decide to end your marriage.

Get Help from the Best Divorce Attorney Pretoria has to Offer to Avoid Pitfalls

If you are looking for the best divorce attorney Pretoria has to offer consider Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys that specializes in family law and divorce litigation. With the breaking up of a partnership being a rather emotional and complex issue you will want a lawyer that is professional and discreet in the handling of sensitive matters.

A Divorce Lawyer In Pretoria Backed By A Reputable Practice

When looking for a divorce lawyer in Pretoria, try and find one that has a reputable practice backed by a skilled and experienced support team. Although there are many similarities between divorces between different couples, there are also many factors that are unique in any divorce. The team backing your divorce lawyer can help identify the unique factors in your divorce so that you r lawyer can offer you the best advice and ensure that you receive a fair and legal divorce settlement.

Steps In The Divorce Process In South Africa

The first legal step to take in the divorce process in South Africa is to issue a divorce summons to your local district family or magistrates court. There are a number of items that need to be included in this divorce summons.

Divorce Mediation or Divorce Litigation – Which Process is Right for You?

Getting a divorce and looking for the best way to finalise matters so you can both walk away amicably with dignity and money in your bank account? No two marriages are the same, which means that no two divorces are the same.

Divorce Maintenance And Alimony

There are basically two different forms of divorce maintenance. The first is spousal maintenance which is also referred to as alimony. Although alimony is becoming less and less common, there are still a number of situations where one spouse is required to pay money to their marriage partner for a specified period of time and in accordance with certain conditions.

Reaching A Divorce Settlement Agreement Out Of Court

Everything in our modern society is about doing things as quickly and efficiently as possible and this is no different when entering into a divorce. While many people believe that mediation to reach a settlement agreement is a waste of time, this is in fact one of the fastest ways to terminate a marriage.