Get Divorce Advice Before Filling Out Divorce Papers

It is a sad fact that divorce has become so common place these days that you can buy divorce papers from the CNA or even download the documents over the internet. But just because divorce is commonplace it doesn’t mean that this is the route that you should necessarily take when you decide to end your marriage. There is only one situation where it is not advisable to seek professional legal advice before starting divorce proceedings and buying divorce papers.

This is when you have no assets or liabilities and have not had any children during the time that you were married.However, it is very rare to find people who have been married even for a short period of time where none of these three factors will play a role in their divorce.

Divorce Advice

The best place to go when you are looking for divorce advice is to a divorce lawyer or attorney. Just be aware that lawyers and attorneys don’t just charge for the legal services they provide such as supplying divorce papers, but for the advice that they give. These charges are levied on a time based rate and the faster you can get the advice you need, the less you will need to pay. So make sure that you have all your ducks in a row before making an appointment to seek divorce advice. Take along any documentation that relates to the original marriage such as pre-nuptial agreements.

Also take along a list of you and your spouse’s assets and liabilities as well as any agreements or contracts that you entered into with your spouse that would affect the divorce. Make a note to remind you to find out more about child custody and maintenance during your consultation with the lawyer.