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International/Inter-country Matters

Married professionals increasingly spend significant time overseas, for example on secondment for an international company, or to expand a South African business venture globally. The model of a family unit having one single permanent residence is rapidly becoming outmoded. In divorce, these internationally mobile clients are generally at greater risk, because they might become subject to a number of legal jurisdictions, in addition to South Africa’s.

Despite the international trend towards globalisation, there continues to be vast differences between the divorce laws of countries. In addition, the procedures of courts in different countries vary enormously. Thus, the decision about which law should apply to a couple's divorce, parenting rights and responsibilities, division of assets and which court should hear the case can and most probably will have an immense impact on the outcome of the case. Often the parties should also take note of and decide whether mirror orders should be applicable in their specific circumstances or adhere to mirror orders if such orders are already in existence.

These issues are often extremely complex and confusing. Seeking our advice promptly could be vital, especially in securing the best choice of jurisdiction.

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