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What to Do When You're Served with Divorce Papers

Being served divorce papers is never a pleasant experience. Whether you have been waiting for the documents to arrive or they're unexpected, navigating their arrival can be overwhelming without sufficient legal support and know-how. Add emotions to the mix, and it can feel impossible. Luckily, there is a great deal of help around, and knowing what to do when you have been served divorce papers can reduce stress and help you stay on track. Here we share four things to do once you receive the papers.

The 4 Advantages of Professional Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is undeniably one of the most stressful processes an individual or family can go through. Life as you know it becomes undone, and a complex legal maze emerges. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate the process alone when working with a knowledgeable legal professional. Here we explore the top advantages of working with lawyers who are well-versed in family law:

4 Things to Ask Divorce Lawyers Before Hiring

Divorce is stressful; there is no getting around it. However, knowledge is indeed power when it comes to embarking on the divorce process. Meeting divorce lawyers with a clear idea of how things will work can go a long way in diminishing stress and giving you a clear picture of the events ahead. Moreover, having a set of questions at your disposal can help you to discern which attorneys will work best for you and your unique needs. Before meeting with your lawyers, it’s a good idea to list critical questions that you can ask.

What You Need to Know About The Types of Divorce

South Africa boasts a pretty straightforward divorce law system, especially in the instance of an uncontested process. However, the economic and emotional toll of divorce can still be stressful, even if legally it can be simple to navigate. This is especially true when it’s a contested process, and the High Court need to get involved.