"To succeed in life you need ignorance and confidence."
- Mark Twain

Parental Alienation

We represent fathers and in the event of the roles being reversed, mothers, with this very difficult part of the law.

It usually entails that the alienating parent with whom the child resides will attempt her/his utmost best to frustrate and/or block contact between the other parent and the children up to such a point where this parent becomes too exhausted to constantly fight for contact rights and then gives up hope completely. This inevitably estranges the children from one parent. In many instances the children themselves will be indoctrinated over a period of time to start believing that the other parent no longer loves them and then elect themselves to stop/block contact.

Parental alienation starts with subtle alienation tactics and develops and progresses over a period of time until it eventually destructs the bond that existed between the children and the parent.

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