Trusted Divorce Attorneys

Nobody gets married to get divorced. It is not a subject that ever crosses your mind when you say “I do”. The group of people that have a unique view on the downside of love, is divorce attorneys.

When your love life is at its lowest point, trusted divorce attorneys should be there to take care of you and your loved ones. When it comes to matters of the heart, and increasing the longevity of your love, the best offence is a good defence. That is when we, your trusted divorce attorneys, should step up and pave the way for your future.

Divorce Advice

Most divorce attorneys will tell you that love is not unconditional, although we like to belief it is. Trusted attorneys will tell you that it is imperative that you are thoughtful when you get married. It is a legal contract, which you should enter with your eyes wide open.

Nearly all couples believe that a prenup might reflect badly on them, the other person, or their relationship.  But it is the only way to protect you and your assets, even though it may not be very romantic to request a prenup. 

Getting A Divorce

To take it a step further, threatening to get divorced, and then actually taking the steps to get a divorce, will change your life. You will cross a line that cannot be uncrossed.

If your divorce attorney is worth anything, he or she will tell you to make 100% sure that this is what you really want. Once you have made that decision, you will be a wreck for a while, and a trusted divorce attorney should be there to make good decisions on your behalf.   

Although your divorce attorney will guide you through the process, it is still important that you know how the system works. It is not the time to make mistakes that you will regret later.  Your attorney is there to guide you, and give you the best advice possible. Although it may be difficult, you will have to set goals. That is the only way to move forward and find structure in this difficult time. 

Get Legal Advice

Without it, you can cause problems for decades to come. If you try to handle your divorce by yourself, without getting the appropriate legal advice, it is like travelling in the desert without a map. You will be lost.

Your divorce attorney will tell you that a divorce is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and that you should not try and rush things, because they know the court system is notoriously slow. Trusted divorce attorneys, such as Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys have the same approach to the one you need to take. You do not need a Pitbull if you want to resolve your divorce amicably. However, if your spouse is abusive and self-destructive, you will need someone who can handle anything that gets thrown their way. You need us. 

Trusted divorce attorneys are hard to find, which is why we pride ourselves on our excellent service, and the hundreds of clients that have trusted us with their divorce cases. Let us help you in this difficult time. Call to make an appointment today.