Specialist Divorce Lawyers: How to Choose the Best One for Your Divorce

Decided to call it quits on your marriage? Divorce can be a painful and traumatic experience. It can involve bitterness and accusations, and it can easily turn into a full-blown war, especially where assets, finances, and children are involved. Dissolving a marriage can be a stressful process. With so much at stake, such as your life savings, property, assets, investments, pets, heirlooms, and children, finding specialist divorce lawyers should be done with extreme caution. So, with that said, here is how to choose the best one for your divorce.

Specialisation is Imperative

Selecting divorce lawyers is so much more than just picking a name. It means establishing a close and sensitive relationship that will continue for months and perhaps years, which is why you should resist hiring the first or the cheapest one you stumble upon. While there are many divorce lawyers who will take on just about any case that comes their way, you need a team who can provide objective advice, account for marital assets, explain property division, devise a debt repayment plan, assist with custody plans, determine child and spousal support, and negotiate settlements amicably.

Look for a Team That Can Help You Avoid Escalating Legal Fees

Many people are under the impression that getting a divorce is an exorbitant expense that can send couples into liquidation. Well, this is not always the case. Divorce does not have to be expensive. In fact, it is up to you and the type of lawyer you choose. If you are trying to avoid enormous legal fees and a relationship with your spouse that will be broken beyond repair, then you need to stay far away from aggressive divorce lawyers who believe in the nasty approach.

Keeping in mind that compassionate divorce lawyers will save you money, and aggressive lawyers will leave you neck deep in debt, to keep legal fees low, it is best to find a team who is focused on empowering you to make your own educated decisions.

The best specialist divorce lawyers will serve you rather than themselves. They will listen to your needs, take your unique aspects into consideration, give you an honest evaluation, and provide ways to reduce your legal fees through mediation and negotiation. If that is unsuccessful, they will have the “legal muscle” to settle through court.

About Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys

Established in the year 2000, we are a law firm that specialises in litigation, mediation, children’s court applications, and international divorce matters at rates that people can afford. Armed with the backing of a respectable practice held by a team of fifteen legal members, our specialist divorce lawyers understand the sensitivity of what you are going through, especially where children are involved, and where assets and bank accounts need to be divided fairly and equally. However, should the ruling of a judge be inevitable, we have the legal muscle to take on the most complex and difficult litigation. 

Ensuring a compassionate, straightforward, no-nonsense approach to divorce and family law, when you partner with Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys, you get the specialist divorce representation you deserve.