Get Divorce Quotes in Pretoria

One of the main things you will need to plan for when you are going through a divorce, is the costs involved. When you first file for divorce, and start getting quotes for lawyers in Pretoria to handle your case, you will soon see that it takes more than a few Rands here and there to get legally separated.

Attorney quotes range from a few hundred to thousands of Rands, depending on numerous factors, for example, if you live in Pretoria or further away, who you hire as your lawyer, whether your divorce is a mutual understanding or not, and how many issues you will need to resolve. The list goes on.

Here are a few things that could influence the quotes you receive from divorce lawyers:

The Length of the Divorce Process

If you think filing for divorce is as easy as signing a marriage certificate, you are wrong. Divorces usually take a few months to a few years to be final. The process is quite lengthy, depending on if it is an uncontested divorce or not.

An uncontested divorce is one where both parties agree about the issues that make up the terms of the divorce judgement. This includes things like child support, custody, and division of finances.

The People Involved

It is not often just you and your spouse involved in the divorce process, although it just takes the two of you to decide on getting divorced. The less people that are involved and affected by the divorce, the shorter the divorce process should be, in theory. It also depends on outside consultants in Pretoria that need to be assigned to your case.

For example, if spousal pensions need to be divided, then a financial adviser needs to send quotes for their services before any agreement is signed. The more people involved in your divorce, the longer it will take, and the more quotes you will have to pay for.

Your Appointed Attorney

You will be paying a big chunk of your money towards your divorce lawyer for handling your case. Remember, every minute they spend on your case, every email they send, document they request, and even the phone calls get billed. Do not use your divorce lawyer as a shoulder to cry on, or someone you can talk to about your divorce dilemmas, because you will end up paying the price for it, literally.

Rather seek help from a close friend or professional psychologist in Pretoria to help you move on emotionally and not get stuck with massive amounts of debt in lawyer fees.

When you are going through a tricky divorce, you want the best divorce attorney by your side, but the best also comes at a price. Likewise, you should be sceptical if you find a divorce lawyer in Pretoria that is charging you next to nothing to handle your divorce.

Find the best divorce lawyer in Pretoria that is affordable and professional, make an appointment with our attorneys, and rest assured that we will give you the best quotes for legal services you can count on.