How to Choose Legal Services in Pretoria

Going through a divorce comes close to mourning the loss of a loved one. It’s very difficult when someone who has formed such a big part of your life is suddenly removed from it. The divorce process is also one of the few times that people deal with the legal system.

Requiring the services of an expert divorce lawyer in Pretoria is something a lot of us hope to never need, but when you do, you want to have a reliable lawyer by your side. Here’s how you find the person to whom you can entrust your future.

Word of Mouth

We all know someone in Pretoria who has been through a divorce, in fact, we would be surprise if you don't. Ask your friends and family members that have been through a divorce which lawyer’s services they made use of and how they found the experience.

Be sure to consult several lawyers before you make a decision, just so that you know who’s out there and to ensure that you are 100% certain that you’re happy.

Prepare Questions

When you meet with your attorney, be sure to come prepared. Bring a list of all the questions you want them to answer that will help you in choosing the right attorney. You can also ask questions about personal concerns you may have about your divorce. Just remember, most lawyers bill you for the time they spend working on your case, which includes phone calls, appointments, and any time spent drafting and researching for your case.

Although it’s important to ask all the right questions, don't use this time to talk about unnecessary topics. There are many psychologists in Pretoria that can help you with the healing process, rather than relying on your lawyer.

Communication is Key

Although all the legalese can be very complicated, your life is directly affected by the outcome of the legal process. Your lawyer should not just communicate everything that has to do with your case to you, but they should also explain legalities that you don't understand. You should also be in the know about how the law firm bills its clients, as making use of legal services is not cheap, to say the least.

Find out if they take a lump-sum payment upfront, or if you get a bill of all the expenses at the end. This way, you can properly plan your finances beforehand, without running into unexpected financial trouble later down the line.

Understanding the legal process can be as perplexing as understanding a complicated medical procedure, which is why we take the time to explain these processes to you in the most relatable way. Trust us to give you reliable, legal services that’s catered to your needs. Get a divorce lawyer who’s a therapist, confidant, and legal services expert all in one.

Contact Riëtte Oosthuizen attorneys for expert legal advice and services in Pretoria. We look forward to helping you through this difficult time in your life.