What to Expect from Your First Divorce Consultation

For most people, the first step in getting divorced is finding the right lawyer. No one knows what to expect when they’re getting a divorce, but it’s best to be as prepared as you can be, which is why we put together some tips on what you need for your first consultation with your divorce lawyer.

Feel Comfortable

Find a lawyer with whom you can carry on a good working relationship, after all, you may be spending a lot of time together. Plus, you’re going to be making life-changing decisions with your divorce, so you want an attorney that can explain your rights, responsibilities, and options in a clear manner that you can understand.  

You will feel a variety of emotions when your marriage ends. Your lawyer should make you feel as comfortable as possible, by giving you clear and careful explanations of things, and not confusing you with legal jargon. Your lawyer should also show compassion for your situation, even though they deal with this on a daily basis.

Work with the Best

If you’re going through a divorce, make sure that the attorney you’ve chosen to speak with is experienced and competent. Before you meet with your lawyer, look for reviews online and check to see if there are any cases of professional misconduct against them. Also, check how many years they’ve practiced family law.

Make sure his or her experience matches your needs, regardless of how popular the attorney is.

The First Consultation

The client's circumstances will dictate what’s discussed and which actions are taken as a result of the first consultation. In some cases, divorce papers have already been filed, while in other cases, the spouses have only talked about divorce.

Typically, most lawyers will review the various divorce processes that are available and describe the steps for each. In addition, your lawyer should ask a lot of questions. It’s important for them to get to know you as much as possible, which includes getting to know your spouse and children.

At the end of the first consultation, clients generally leave with homework which includes learning as much as possible about your home’s finances in terms of assets, liabilities, and ongoing expenses. If you can provide a lot of detail about your finances at the first consultation with your new lawyer, the meeting will be much more productive.

For us, it’s important that you leave our first divorce consultation feeling that you have been heard and understood, and that we will tend to your specific needs. You need a divorce lawyer who’s experienced, competent, accessible, and that can guide you through the stressful time ahead.

Turn to us if you’re looking for a divorce lawyer who you can form a great relationship with, and who will go above and beyond to make sure that you and your family are taken care of after the divorce. Book your first consultation with us today and start your new life the right way.