Why Marriages Fail According to Divorce Attorneys in Pretoria East

At our legal practice, we have seen and handled countless divorce cases. Some of these cases are unique to Pretoria East, but in most cases, there are a few patterns that we have noticed through all the years of experience we have gathered as divorce attorneys.

Our attorneys have identified a few reasons why divorces occur, and how to keep it from happening to you.

The Spark is Gone

Sometimes life just gets in the way. This is one of the common reasons for divorces, because partners just grow apart. People get married, have children, and work countless hours to provide for their families. It is hard to prioritise your relationship amongst it all. You might realise that it is no longer a partnership, and you have lost each other along the way.

You have to constantly make time, away from work and the kids, to connect with your spouse and rekindle the love between the two of you.

Money Gets in the Way

Yes, money cannot buy happiness, but it can ruin a marriage if you let it get in the way of love. Finances are one of the most common topics couples fight over, and can most definitely lead to a divorce and the involvement of attorneys. Money can put a lot of pressure on relationships. This includes financial situations, such as saving for weddings, homes, children, and their education.

In fact, it is very difficult to keep money matters out of your partnership. The key is to not let money define the relationship between you, and to not focus on who holds the financial power.

Social Circles

How did you and your partner get together? Did you meet at a bar around Pretoria East and find out you went to the same school? Perhaps mutual friends introduced you two at a gathering. A lot of married partners meet each other at social gatherings.

Unfortunately, during marriage, some partners can dwell in other social circles without their partner, and cheat on their spouse. Infidelity is the other big cause of divorce that our attorneys have a lot of experience with. It is certainly not uncommon in divorce cases in Pretoria.

Affairs happen often, partly because we have more and more tools at our disposal to make it easy to have them. Things like social media and online dating sites make it possible to have an affair without even leaving the house.

On the Fence

When someone is thinking about getting a divorce, but they are unsure if they really want to continue with the procedure, legal threats can send them over the edge. A lot of couples, including those from Pretoria East, have uttered the words: “We do not know how we got here”.

Sometimes when the word divorce gets mentioned or thrown in the air, things can escalate and partners can choose to seek help from an attorney, instead of a relationship coach or psychologist to help save the relationship.

It does not matter what the reason is for getting a divorce, it is no walk in the park. If you live in Pretoria East, or surrounding areas, and need assistance from professional attorneys, or just legal advice if you are thinking about divorce, we are here to help you.