Five Things Parents Need to Know About Divorce

Whether you have seen it coming for a long time, or, were blindsided by your spouse, hearing the words “I want to get a divorce” is something you will probably never forget. Our specialised attorneys give some advice on the most important things a parent needs to know about divorce, especially when things start to turn ugly during the split. Here is some advice on what not to do, and why because, even if your spouse has left you, it does not mean that you should lose all hope.

  1. Don’t Panic from The Start
  2. One of the first things you should do is to educate yourself. Go online and find out everything you need to know. Then it is time to meet with a lawyer and find out what your rights are, because you do have rights. Explain your situation to everyone as soon as possible, and do not get intimidated into agreeing to a settlement before you are ready to.

  3. Don’t Get a Free Consultation
  4. Our advice is to rather pay for your consultation with a credible lawyer, because you will get better legal advice if you pay for it. There are exceptions though, and a free consultation is better than nothing at all. Everyone knows that getting divorce is not cheap, but getting the right team behind you will ensure you get a fair settlement.

  5. Don’t Borrow Money from Loved Ones
  6. Rather save your resource for another time when you really need it most. Instead, see if you can borrow against your home or get a credit card. If you are financially dependent on your spouse, they are responsible for paying for at least part of your representation. You are less likely to get that money back if you have borrowed it from your family.

  7. Don’t Allow Anyone to Intimidate You
  8. If your spouse tries to talk you out of legal representation, saying things like “They are only out to get your money” or, “You will never win with that kind of legal attorney”, they are just trying to throw you off. Your spouse may know how to scare you, but they do not know how to scare your lawyer. If you are in a spiteful split, rather let your lawyer talk with their lawyer.

  9. Don’t Demand Money Before Budgeting

It is important that you create a budget, even if you have not had one before. This will show why you need the money you are asking for. You need to make sure all your needs as well as your children’s (if applicable) are met. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, even in divorce, and Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys is one of them. We are here to make sure you get through your divorce with all the advice you will need. We provide our clients with expert divorce litigation and mediation services.

We work with you to make sure you receive the very best settlement possible. With over 17 years of experience, you have the best attorneys by your side when you choose us. To get the divorce attorney you want and need, contact us today for legal advice, assistance, and more.