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Riëtte Oosthuizen Attorneys has well been established since July 2000.

The Firm consists of various departments to ensure a good infrastructure.

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Divorce Litigation
We assist and represent men or women in divorce proceedings, either in the capacity of the Plaintiff or in the capacity of the Defendant.Factors to take into account include the type of divorce procedure to be followed (defended/undefended), the parties’ marital regime, fixed assets, movable assets, liabilities and children.

International divorce matters linked to South African Law
We assist with divorce matters where one of the parties is based in South-Africa and the other party in another country of origin. When dealing with these type of matters it will depend on the facts of the specific case to establish which country will have jurisdiction in dealing with the divorce matter itself and if it would be possible to do the divorce in South-Africa.

What to do if one of the parties in the marriage are not traceable (nowhere to be found) and the other party wishes to initiate divorce proceedings.
If a party wishes to initiate divorce proceedings but are unaware of the location or primary residence of their spouse then certain steps have to be followed before being able to proceed with the divorce matter.

Divorce Mediation
Many couples struggle with a long dragged out divorce wherein no progress can be made between either two parties and/or their attorneys. We offer assistance in formally mediating the matter between the two parties as to enable them to reach a settlement agreement. Thereafter the parties approach their separate attorneys to finalize the divorce matter on their behalf. Our firm is one of very few professionally qualified Family Law Mediators with a professional certificate issued in Divorce Mediation by the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.

Applications in the Children’s Court
Our Firm offer assistance to parties wishing to amend their settlement agreement with regards to the children after the divorce matter has been finalized. Although not always possible, it might be a quicker and more cost effective approach.

Applications pertaining to the kidnapping of a child or children by one of the parents
Where one of the parents has illegally taken the child or children, without the consent or has illegally taken the child or children of the other parent outside the borders of South Africa. A court application will have to be brought to prevent the parent from either leaving the country or where applicable to return the child to South Africa.

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